Art of being Proactive!!

At present, Some of us are driven into negative emotions such as fear, depression, anger etc and many of us think that its due to unwanted pressure from education, family members and in the profession but we forgo the major reason which is associated with mindset.I instead of solving the problem We drive our mind towards blaming the problem and instead of solving it we get into blaming mode , so that we not only escape from the problem but try to achieve a temporary relief by satisfying our ego and we feel “Its ok to leave this” (not only this single statement but similar statements) . In the short run, it gives us temporary relief but in long run, it damages the problem-solving ability and weakens our mental strength, thought process, positive attitude and it develops unwanted emotions and feeble mindset. So to avoid these complications we adopt proactiveness which takes us to the pool of positiveness and problem-solving attitude.


This habit not only develops the problem-solving ability but takes us to a paradigm where we completely deal with our problem with intelligence and positive emotions.
Being proactive enables us to think in all possible ways to deal a problem and it always helps us to achieve constructive thinking, which means we build
our thoughts in a particular order(step by step) to solve a problem. When we go through this we enable our mind with few necessary emotions such as hope, confidence
Commitment. So we don’t give our mind a second thought of going into negative things. It completely changes our language from negative to positive such as
“I cant do this ” to “let’s think of alternative”. So by being proactive, we can be a model and a mindful of positive motive which leads us to the solution.

How to achieve??

Being a proactive person one must always focus on how to solve a problem and what are the essential things or persons we change or influence
to solve the problem. This must be the thought process of a person being proactive. Remember don’t stress yourself
on the problem but learn to put your focus on the things that you can change and persons you can influence.

For example,
When there is a kid who is in depression than don’t focus on the kid by motivating or scolding. Stressing on him don’t affect him much think of the things that can change him which means changing his environment, taking him on a trip. When you focus on the
things that can change the kid you can change him and solve the problem. Instead of this if you focus on him we cant expect a better change.

  • Never judge a person. If a person has a certain weakness the try to learn with compassion and try to change them
  • Control your response-ability don’t go for impulse acts. It will not have any significant progress on you by making impulsive decisions.
  • If there is a task ahead of you, go with many solutions and take the best one. Don’t forget to take an alternative plan.
  • Always learn to act but don’t get acted upon you by another person. Always stand by your decision but that must be right.

Tips to develop!!

  • To develop this keep small commitments and perform them, this increases your self-integrity, boosts your self-confidence.
  • Correct your mistake and admit it. Think of a possibility to solve it and rectify it as soon as possible.
  • Change your language from a negative notion to a positive notion.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to form a new habit. The secret is to relate to an important goal, make a commitment to work at it on a daily basis and use a series of micro-commitments to increase the likelihood of success.

Now it’s your turn. What has been your experience with building habits in the past? Did you encounter any specific challenges or obstacles?

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